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After talking with a very good friend about my finances and marriage break up, he recommended to me to contact Dave to help out as it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to refinance to be able to buy out my X from her share of the assets. My first contact with Dave was leaving him a message after hours. To my surprise he returned my call that night, got a snap shot of what I needed and organised to call me in the morning. From that time on Dave was on the job – he had already done some research regarding my enquiry and was always on the front foot with different options for my needs.

After he had secured the finance the job was still not over. Continued with the best communication with keeping me informed with all the progress of the loan. Not only dealing as a broker he communicated with the X’s lawyer and kept her in line to our needs not hers. How would I like to describe David’s service that he provided… Professional, knowledgeable & experienced. Caring, supportive, personal service, 10 out 10 and total trust. I trusted him with my life and he didn’t let me down. So David I would again like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping my dream alive. I know without doubt you explored all options. You never stopped trying to get me the best deal and you did. Simply, you are the best. Kind regards, Jason C

Jason, Brisbane